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John Schumacher Interview on Meditation and BKS Iyengar

John Schumacher sits down with Iyengar Yoga teacher Rosa Santana and discusses his thoughts on meditation, how it can be reached through the practice of asana, the difference between meditation and Pranayama, and stories about the early days with BKS … Continue reading

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After the medical classes, people frantically carried the wooden props outside to the metal balcony making room for Geeta’s Pranayama class.  I see my teacher Zoe.  I give her a quick hug, say hello and continue to transport props outside. … Continue reading

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Asthma, Pranayama and my practice

href=”https://essentialyogastudio.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/snow-prana.jpg”> I’ve always had asthma and throughout the years doctors have told to use an inhaler.  I never did.    I’ve always been on the low end of normal with each lung capacity test I’ve taken.   But last year I flunked … Continue reading

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Question of the Month: I find Digital Pranayama difficult. Why can’t I practice closing the nostrils with the thumb and forefinger? What is the importance of Digital Pranayama?

In the practice of digital Pranayama the fingers regulate the volume and flow of breath by narrowing the nasal passages filtering out impurities during respiration. The controlled inhalation through the narrowed passages allows the lungs more time to absorb oxygen. … Continue reading

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