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What is the importance of Pranayama?

An excerpt from a BKS Iyengar interview taken from the Astadala Yogamala, Volume 7, says it all. “…I had tuberculosis as a young man and bouts of other diseases that had compromised my lungs. In 1984 I was in San … Continue reading

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Student question: Why do I need to practice hip openers?

Hip opening poses have numerous benefits. They are wonderful for relieving unwanted stress, calming the nervous system, combating fatigue, as well as bringing positive emotional and energetic effects. They prepare a mother’s body for childbirth. They are important to practice … Continue reading

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Mental Benefits of Parvatasana Parvatasana is a whole body stretch that allows good blood circulation, creating several benefits. · It increases circulation to the brain · It brings a revitalizing and refreshing sensation reducing mental fatigue · Improves memory and … Continue reading

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What is the correct hand and arm placement in Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana)?

The fingers should be interlocked and fit together without spaces and without gripping. Think of the interlocking of your fingers as the dove-tailing found in fine furniture. The top of the thumbs should touch, not fold over each other. The … Continue reading

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Simhasana: This pose may look silly but it comes with great benefits.

Benefits: · Helps to fight disease · Relieves tension in the chest and face · Face, throat and eye muscles are strengthened · Reduces eye strain · With continued practice speech becomes clearer making Simhasana a beneficial exercise for individuals … Continue reading

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I attended a workshop with Father Joe Perriera, a Sr. Iyengar Teacher from India. He is also a Catholic priest. I never imagined a priest quoting Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. His perspective on yoga and his teachings are very different than … Continue reading

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Nick debates yoga with Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune, India

From the movie Enlightened Up!

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