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I made it one of my unofficial goals to eat as many unknown fruits as I could while I was in India. Here are a few of the ones I tried.

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Pilgrims in Pune, India

On June 25th, 30,000 pilgrims marched through Pune to worship at a nearby temple. Here are just a few of them on their way home from the pilgrimage.

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Abhijata and Guruji

Abhi’s classes are wonderful. I wish we had more classes with her. She has the fiery nature, passion, clear instruction, and humor of her grandfather. When I arrived in Pune, she was still on her honeymoon and went directly to … Continue reading

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Pu La Deshpande Park another treasure discovered in Pune, India

My geocaching interest took me to this beautiful Japanese Botanical garden in Pune.

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My last adventure

I got back from class and I see Vikram waiting in the living room with my friend Lauren. Plans have changed. We must leave now. Okay There are 30,000 pilgrims coming through Pune and the police will be closing all … Continue reading

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Note to self

Not all accommodations in India provide soap, towels, or showers. This is fine if you are prepared for it 🙂

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Look what I found on the beach in India

Very few people can say they have seen one of these 🙂

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Mystery fruit

I went to the supermarket yesterday (side-note: supermarket in India is a relative term) and saw these beautiful fruits. At least they looked like fruit. I took them back to the apartment, washed one and ate it. Not so tasty. … Continue reading

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My accommodations in a remote village of the Konkan Coast are not for the faint of heart….I have a bucket and a faucet, that’s a plus. My accommodations in Nasik were ‘very’ deluxe in comparison. Oh and there is a … Continue reading

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Geetaji – love her!

I love the way she teaches, I love her grouchy comments, and I especially love her humor….I am going to miss her classes….

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