Student question: Why do I need to practice hip openers?

Hip opening poses have numerous benefits. They are wonderful for relieving unwanted stress, calming the nervous system, combating fatigue, as well as bringing positive emotional and energetic effects. They prepare a mother’s body for childbirth.

They are important to practice if you sit at a desk all day. Long hours of sitting cause the hip flexors to shorten limiting our ability to extend and possibly affecting the pelvic position and the lower back.

These poses not only open the hip joints, but also help align the pelvis and the sacrum. Students who practice hip openers can immediately experience tangible physical benefits such as greater freedom in their lower back and hips. When the hips are open the sacrum and pelvis are better aligned, you can walk, sit, and move around with more ease and comfort. In addition, opening the hips takes excessive pressure off the knee joints.

Each hip opening posture has its own benefits.

Additional Benefits:
They relieve sciatic and arthritic pain, improve digestion and elimination (example: Utthita Parsvakonasana).

They prevent hernias, keep the ovaries, testicles, kidneys and prostate healthy, open blocked fallopian tubes (example: Baddha Konasana).

They keep the reproductive organs healthy, correct misalignment of the hip joints, decrease the development of uterine fibroids and other diseases of the abdominal organs. They also strengthen the pelvic muscles, tone the internal organs and create elasticity in the hamstrings and inner thighs. (example: Supta Padangustasana II)

About EssentialYoga Studio

Roberta has been practicing yoga since 1988 and has been teaching yoga since 1994. She has trained under master yoga teachers Swami Padmananda, Patricia Walden, Manouso Manos, Father Joe Pereira, Zoë Stewart, Karin Stephan, Liz Owen and others. She continues to study with her Iyengar teachers, Patricia Walden and Peentz Dubble. Roberta has studied yoga at the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Memorial Institute in Pune, India during June 2011, February 2014 and attended Abhijata's intensive in Pune, India December 2016. Roberta is currently enrolled in Peentz Dubble's two year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program. Additionally, Roberta completed training and certification with Elise Browning Miller as 'Yoga for Scoliosis' instructor. She completed a 500 hour Hatha Yoga Certification program with AURA Wellness Center and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500. She has been a Certified Meditation Teacher since June 2007 and has been an Usui Reiki Practitioner since 1989. Roberta's Personal Practice Philosophy: Health issues have changed and deepened my practice. You will see many photos of me using a variety of props. On days I don't feel well, instead of saying, "I can't practice today", Iyengar Yoga has taught me to say, "How can I practice today".
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