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A line has formed from the top of the stairwell down the stairs and following the perimeter of the office, continuing all the way to the outside.  The hall is crowded and loud.  There is a mad rush to the … Continue reading

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Question of the Month: How do I keep from becoming discouraged in my practice? I look around in yoga class and I can’t do any of the poses.

This is a difficult question to answer.  Yoga is internal, personal, and not to be compared to the practice of the person next to you.  While in India, I was always looking around at the other students.  Geeta Iyengar told … Continue reading

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Question of the month: Some yoga teachers tell you not to do forward bends between back bends and other teachers say you should do forward bends between back bends. Which one is it?

Yoga teachings differ not just between disciplines of yoga but from teacher to teacher within the same discipline. In some disciplines of yoga, it is customary to practice back bends without countering them with forward bends, until the back bending … Continue reading

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