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Mystery fruit

I went to the supermarket yesterday (side-note: supermarket in India is a relative term) and saw these beautiful fruits. At least they looked like fruit. I took them back to the apartment, washed one and ate it. Not so tasty. … Continue reading

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My accommodations in a remote village of the Konkan Coast are not for the faint of heart….I have a bucket and a faucet, that’s a plus. My accommodations in Nasik were ‘very’ deluxe in comparison. Oh and there is a … Continue reading

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Geetaji – love her!

I love the way she teaches, I love her grouchy comments, and I especially love her humor….I am going to miss her classes….

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After my trip to the fort I arrived at the Kailas Hotel and enjoyed lovely accommodations. The stone cottage with a view of the caves, a relaxing swing, a comfortable outdoor table and chairs, air conditioning, hot water, and clean … Continue reading

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A delicious purple, healthy tree fruit in India…except when you bite into one with bugs…….

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Whoosh, plop

I sometimes don’t know what props I should get because each teacher teaches differently. Geeta wants you to learn certain poses without props, while others expect you to use them for the same pose. I am sitting in Baddha konasana … Continue reading

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Prashantji’s classes are incredibly difficult. I find I have to mentally prepare prior to attending. That being said, they are wonderful. This evening we did three main poses. Ustrasana (about a 100 of them) Urdhva Dhanurasana (about 50) and Dwi … Continue reading

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