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You’re doing what? Ten days of Silence at the Vipassana Meditation Center

Every time I told someone where I was going for 10 days, their faces would twist in horror and the responses would be: “You’re doing what?” “Why in the heck would you want to do that?” “You are crazy!” “Be … Continue reading

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The Monkey Whisperer

As I sit here my kitchen acknowledging all of the things I should be doing, I decide instead to write another blog. Galwar Bagh, the Monkey temple is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site in the town of Khania-Balaji, about 10km … Continue reading

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All roads lead home..but sometimes not as easily as you would like

I get to the check-in counter and the woman behind the counter tells me my bag is 9 kilos too heavy. Okay, I’ll just pay the surcharge. There is no surcharge maam you must take 9 kilos out of your … Continue reading

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My last adventure

I got back from class and I see Vikram waiting in the living room with my friend Lauren. Plans have changed. We must leave now. Okay There are 30,000 pilgrims coming through Pune and the police will be closing all … Continue reading

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Mystery fruit

I went to the supermarket yesterday (side-note: supermarket in India is a relative term) and saw these beautiful fruits. At least they looked like fruit. I took them back to the apartment, washed one and ate it. Not so tasty. … Continue reading

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My accommodations in a remote village of the Konkan Coast are not for the faint of heart….I have a bucket and a faucet, that’s a plus. My accommodations in Nasik were ‘very’ deluxe in comparison. Oh and there is a … Continue reading

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After my trip to the fort I arrived at the Kailas Hotel and enjoyed lovely accommodations. The stone cottage with a view of the caves, a relaxing swing, a comfortable outdoor table and chairs, air conditioning, hot water, and clean … Continue reading

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A delicious purple, healthy tree fruit in India…except when you bite into one with bugs…….

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Prashantji’s classes are incredibly difficult. I find I have to mentally prepare prior to attending. That being said, they are wonderful. This evening we did three main poses. Ustrasana (about a 100 of them) Urdhva Dhanurasana (about 50) and Dwi … Continue reading

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Blog 12 – OMG What Was I Thinking!

I thought Matheran would be the easy trip. It is only 3 hours from Pune in the mountains. A peaceful place….what was I thinking… My driver, Vikram is wonderful, he stops the car whenever I want to take a photo; … Continue reading

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