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Welcome guest

Of all the critters I’ve seen running around my apartment, this is the only one that made me smile 🙂 House Gecko

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Note to self: just wondering

I wonder if I’m the only one who didn’t know the cows, pigs and donkeys wandering the streets of India don’t belong to anyone. I assumed that after wandering around town all day they went home at night. So, I … Continue reading

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I’m in sync..

I left for my 5 hour drive to Nasik. So many people told me not to go. But I wanted to experience a more traditional India and I am glad I did. About two hours before we reached Nasik, we … Continue reading

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Dropping like flies

One student thinks she has Dengue fever and another student is ‘down for the count’ ….

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Blog 17 – Guruji teaches

I attended the women’s class taught by Sunita (Guruji’s daughter) yesterday morning. Guruji was at his practice area watching as he sat in Padmasana. He instructs from the side clarifying or changing Sunita’s instructions. He is watching us in Uttanasana. … Continue reading

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Blog 16 – Wrath of Guruji

I got reprimanded by Guruji today. I took the sirsasana poles to the wall instead of the window. I heard Guruji grumbling loudly. Within seconds there were 3 assistants around me explaining my mistake…

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Blog 15 – Prashant’s teaching

I wasn’t expecting to connect with Prashant’s teaching. He has a philosophical nature and I have a need for the tangible. However, I found a deep connection with his teaching. He talked about how Iyengar yoga has become a demonstrative … Continue reading

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Note to self – blog 14

Something must be wrong with me…I have no fear crossing streets in India. There’s something quite exciting about it.

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Blog 13 – I didn’t think it was true

I was told that some stores refill water bottles and resell them. I have so say I didn’t believe this was a common practice. But, just in case, I have been closely monitoring each water bottle I buy. On Sunday … Continue reading

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Blog 12 – OMG What Was I Thinking!

I thought Matheran would be the easy trip. It is only 3 hours from Pune in the mountains. A peaceful place….what was I thinking… My driver, Vikram is wonderful, he stops the car whenever I want to take a photo; … Continue reading

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